Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Been Awhile...I know...just one of those things...

Sorry. I know it's been a while...things have been busy.

Well, let's see...yes, I am still NOT SMOKING! YEAH!!! Wow, it just seems surreal to me that it's been this long, without a smoke! But, alas, it's over. No more cravings, no more chewing fingernails, no more - no more. I feel great!

Now, if I could just take off the 20 (or more) pounds I put on! That's another story for another day.

Since my last update, things have just been all over the place!

My mother has become a permanent resident in the Nursing Home (aka Prison) and has been moved into a room with someone new. She opted to share a room, instead of having a private room. She likes the companionship and her new roommate is very friendly and outgoing. Mom was involved in a motor vehicle accident not long after my last posting and was very badly banged around. She has dialysis three times a week and the Nursing Home contracts out a service to transport the patients to and from the Home to the Center for their treatments. And as it goes, sometimes, things are beyond anyone's control, especially when it involves a 16 year old kid with his mom's brand new SUV and stupidity running rampant! The 16 year old driver decided he could cut infront of the transport bus, never mind that he not only CUT IN FRONT, but HE CUT SHORT, almost causing a rollover. My mom's wheelchair broke free from the locking system and overturned, throwing her across the bus and into the stairwell area. She spent the night in the local hospital under observation, and then was sent back to the Nursing Home. They were really great in taking care of all her medical needs, as well as making sure that this kid was dealt with in a fashion he will not soon forget.

My uncle has relocated to an apartment complex for the Elderly, "Assisted Living". He seems to like his new surroundings, especially all the single ladies! I don't think he's cooked a meal since he arrived on the "scene". Although, he wants to "act" like he doesn't like being there, he has been enjoying the ladies attention!

The City has started proceedings to demo the house they condemned. Of course, now they have decided, that they want ME to pay for the demolision! And like I explained to them, that's between the City and the owners, my mother and her sister in law. Until the sister in law signed over the ownership into my name, I would NOT pay anything, PERIOD.

My little brother (2 yrs my junior) had a stroke. He has a long road to recovery, but, God willing, he'll make it. He lost vision in his right eye, use of his right arm and leg, he has speach problems along with cognetive issues, so we'll just have to see what he is able to regain over time. My brother lives outside of Tampa, and that's a little to far away for me, but he's in good hands and he's improving a little everyday.

My daughter is getting things ready to leave home, on a more permanent level. She's decided to transfer to another college, this fall. When she makes this move, she'll be staying to complete her BS degree in Dental Hygiene. She has one more year at the Community College in Oxford, then transfers over to Ole Miss to complete her degree. She's already looked at an apartment, and is planning on staying and working full time during the summer there. Then she'll be able to work, while she awaits acceptance into the Dental Program at LSU. We'll see!

My son will start 7th grade this fall! Man, how time flies! This summer he has really calmed down and mellowed out! He's no longer bouncing around the house, he seems more at ease and just more "grown" up. I like that alot! It's easier to discuss things with him, because he's able to comprehend things on a new level. He's a very competitive person, and before now, we couldn't "play" a game without him getting upset. If he didn't WIN, then he was mad. Now, it's like he plays for the fun of playing, not for just winning! Growing up, man, I LIKE that!

Well, as for Drew and I...we are moving up on our wedding anniversary soon. Twenty Six years of marriage! I think we have been married longer than ANY of our friends. Truth being, most have been married and divorced at least ONCE, a few, more than that. Our kids wanted to know HOW we pulled it off! Truth is, I don't know. I don't know HOW the hell he's put up with me! And, I think he'd say the same for me. It's not been an "easy" twenty six years, but then, I don't remember thinking it was gonna be a walk in the park. It takes work, a lot of work, and it takes a lot of love and devotion, something I thought for a while there, we no longer possessed. But, we'll just take it one day at a time, if that's what it takes. Whatever it takes...

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