Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In support of Holy Crapper's Tantelizing Tuesdays, I bring you...

Going back through the pictures of a lifetime, there is still one or two which can cause the perverbial "Remember when..." train of thought.

Today, it was seeing this person's likeness on the t-shirt of a small child, who, let's face it, will never "know" his name.

For me, well, he will always be the "First Cowboy to wear a thong". Let's face it, if you set and watch a few episodes of Bonanza, you can't help but notice that Little Joe doesn't have an underwear line, ever. And if you do find one, let me know and I will retract this thought/statement.

I give you....

Michael Landon

Still, even after all these years, you've gotta admit, Little Joe Cartwright was/is the "BOMB"!


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Philly said...

ya know I never watched this show because, ahem I'm not old enough but he was always a hunk. He even aged very well. Good choice!!