Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you when the world stopped turning....(Alan Jackson)

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

I had just walked into the office that morning, Sep. 11, 2001. My boss, boarding a plane to Washington DC for a meeting at the Pentagon. I had opened my web browser that morning and there on the screen, a replay of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. At first, total disbelief, then shock, then a knee-jerk reaction to go and retrieve my children from their schools! Then, watching the second plane strike the next tower, then the Pentagon, then PANIC! Running for the phone, calling my boss' cell phone, NO ANSWER! HOLY CRAP!
Re-dialing his number, carefully checking to make sure I didn't miss-dial, BUSY SIGNAL! Dialing his wife's office, talking to her secretary, trying to find out if his was en-route or still on the ground! News reports, whirling scenes of the planes hitting Tower One, then Tower Two, then the Pentagon, then the ground in Pennsylvania. Calling offices at the Pentagon, where my boss was to be that day, NO ANSWER. It was the next day that we learned their fate, several of those people, people I spoke with almost daily, people I worked with almost daily and had never met, those people... gone! My boss' plane had been delayed at the airport that morning, never found out why, but...HE was safe! Within an hour reports coming out of Washington, all flights canceled, air space locked down, what the hell is going on here! Terrorists! ON.AMERICAN.SOIL! Rough estimates surfacing, over 3 thousand dead! NO WAY! Replay of a voice from Flight 93, "Let's roll"... "LET's ROLL" became the New ARMY motto! I work for the ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES, and COAST GUARD and I am damned proud of what I do! We provide Joint support in Test and Evaluation. It's a job I moved to after the attacks of 11 Sep 2001, my previous being an administrative assistant. I wanted to do more, to put more into supporting the troops being called to duty, sent to war...a war that they did not wager, a war that began on 11 Sep 2001.
So many people want to forget that. They want to blame the President. WHY? Our President did not manuveur 4 planes into attack format! Our President did not do that! That takes insanity, that takes someone full of HATE.VENGENCE.ARROGANCE.STUPIDITY! That takes someone who BELIEVES that HE and HE ALONE has the right to choose the fate of mankind.
I will never forget that day, seven years ago today, when the AMERICAN PEOPLE CRIED OUT, for vengence.

Now, they WHINE about the price being to heavy to pay!

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Tara said...

wow... what a story you have.