Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a Quickie!

School started on Aug 4th for T-man. He was not happy to say the least. 6th grade, all boy classroom, with a teacher (math, science, social studies) who wants to teach at the 8th grade level (in which she received her degree) is needless to say, very trying on the nerves! But, we are managing, very slowly to set things into a fine tuned groove. He has a new teacher (to the school district) for language, spelling, vocabulary. She seems to be nice, just still working towards her teaching certificate. These two ladies, well, they seem to be in a pissing contest to see which one can assign the most homework on a daily basis. Poor guy, boards the bus at 7:00am and arrives at his grandparents at 4:15pm, then has enough homework to last until 9:00pm each night! I have tried to discuss this with the principal to no avail! So, I guess the next step will be to take it to the school board. When the school contact me about this all boy classroom, I told them I was not into this segregation by sex. Needless to say, they assured me that if I felt it was not working, then they would put him into a regular classroom. Well, it's not working and they now refuse to move him to a regular classroom.

K-girl left for school on Aug 13th (which is also my wedding anniversary). Took the day off from work to move her into the dorm. She and her roommate also attended high school together! K-girl set her class schedule so she only has a couple of classes each day, and has the evenings off! Her roommate has mostly evening classes! So, looks like she should have plenty of quite time to complete her assignments! (yea, riiiiight!)
So, it's finding the groove of things that I have been trying to accomplish over the past few weeks, and still, nothing has fallen into place.

My mom's house has been condemned, she has to relocate to another home, which she can't afford, living on a fixed income. And I am constantly being called (by the City's attorney) to complain that she isn't complying. Ok, she's almost 80 years old, almost completely blind, and you expect that she will move herself? Are you nuts? Do you people really think she is capable of packing her belongs, finding a new place to live which is within her budget, and move herself? No, wait, that's where I come in, right? I am suppose to DROP my entire life, job, kids, schooling, etc., to accommodate you, right? Well, here in the real world, I simply do not have the time! Hey, here's a thought, why not send over some of those big, strapping young bucks you pay a city salary (who I see driving around town burning fuel paid for by the taxpayer's, not to mention hanging out at every gas station in town) and let them actually work for their paycheck! By golly, sounds like a jolly good idea! I have spent the past three plus years trying like hell to get doctors' to sign papers to place her in a nursing home because she can no longer clean, cook, etc. She is diabetic and cannot see well enough to prepare a meal, much less clean her house and the person who lives with her and should be taking care of these things isn't! Then you call me, to whine about them not preparing to move after you condemn the house, and that you feel I should resolve this matter. Well, why don't you, talk to her doctor, after all, he thinks she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, her finances, and her home. Good luck with that too! My mother is hostile towards me, because I am trying to get copies of birth certificates, social security info, etc. for she and her live in daughter/caretaker. They refuse to release the required paperwork, and then I have this pesky little woman from the City calling me 30 times a fricking day to whine because she wants them out NOW! Well, after a month of trying to deal with this crapola, all I can say is GOOD FRICKING LUCK, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

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