Friday, July 25, 2008

He's Home!

Well, my son has finally returned home! Two weeks of vacationing with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. He had a blast though, so it was worth letting him go that long.

He talked non-stop about his trip and how much he really enjoyed it. He said he had a choice between deep-sea fishing or going parasailing, he chose to fish! (Surprise, surprise). Sometimes, you'd think the boy was born with a fishing rod in his hand! But he had a great time and alot of fun and that's what matters!

Now, it's time to start getting ready for "back to school" events. School begins on August 4th! Still have alot to do to get ready for the stress! He has his dental appt next week, and vision exam, along with getting his uniforms ready. Already have the majority of school supplies, so all we have left is the book bag.

K-girl leaves on the 13th for college. So, have to get her stuff ready to go as well. She ended up getting into a really nice dorm, so she was excited about that! She'll be rooming with one of her buds from high school. She's getting more excited each day and ready to make that final move. We were hoping to take a few days for her and a few friends to take a short "mini vacation", but it doesn't look like that will be happening. Couldn't find a place that would rent to 19 year olds!


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