Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank GOD it's FRIDAY!!!

Thank God this week is finally over.

I still have so much to do this weekend. It seems working on my "this old house" is a never ending thing.

Last night, I found myself setting at the breakfast table in the kitchen, looking at the Redhead catalog, or what my son refers to as "His Bible". About half-way through this book I found the section advertising their "pre cut cabins". All the stuff is pre-cut and ready for assembly, all you do is pay and it's delivered ready to build. (I wonder if they provide this service for replacing a husband?) (Could I pre-order one who likes to construct stuff, tinker on things, enjoy a lazy evening by a fire, cook, clean house, won't pick at things, doesn't talk loud, doesn't watch TV all evening, ) Holy crap!! I just realized, I was ordering a WOMAN! Anyhoo...

I was looking at these cabins, and I would really like some additional choices (is what I caught myself thinking). They had one that almost met my needs, but still not quite!

I would really love to build one down by the new lake because it is really beautfiul there,but, mainly because it's over a mile from the highway (which our current home over looks).

I swear, soon as I get a digital camera, I will post pics of my delimma.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. My project this weekend, to paint my husband's new "hunting"/bedroom in camouflauge!


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