Friday, September 12, 2008

OMG! She did it! She got a JOB! WOW!

K-girl has sought out employment! WOW!
When she left for school, all we wanted was for her to concentrate on school, studies, her grades. Now, she has decided to work and go to school. She has decided to work, because her grandmother's affairs are in crisis and it's fallen upon her Mom to bail grandmother out.
My parent's raised 6 kids of their own, and 19 children who found their way into our home, from the streets. My dad had grown up an orphan, back in a time when folks didn't take in orphan's, family did. His mother's family, well, what can one say. They lived in a time when there was no such thing as Dept of Human Services, Child Welfare, etc. He had it rough, and had the scars to prove it.

Now my mom is almost 80 yrs old, blind, and her health is steadily declining. Not to mention her home. I have an older sister who lives with my mom and is supposedly there to "take care of her and her home". Not happening. This daughter living with her doesn't clean house, cooks only what she wants, not what a diabetic should eat, and takes mom's money. This month I took off a day, against my boss' wish cause after all it is the time of year we balance the books and close out the yearly business. I took off to take my Mother to pay her bills, buy groceries, pick up medications and anything else she wanted or needed.

I ended up paying her bills for her because she was two (2) months behind on everything! WOW! I ended up in a bind myself for it, but, I did what I had to do. I've been looking for a place she could afford to rent on her monthly income of a thousand dollars and it's impossible! Rent for an apartment is almost that! WOW! I had not realized that rent had escalated to such an amount! It's been 20+ years since I last paid rent, and, I had no idea that people would or could charge so much for such a small place! My mom has this thing about Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, etc. She refuses to live in one, mainly because she doesn't want them to take her social security check. But, then she turns around and gives her money away to her "live" in daughter and granddaughter. Now, her live in granddaughter has a daughter of her own and she refuses to get a job! My uncle was living with them, now he's in a Rehabilitation Center, under doctor's care. Seems he had one to many "little" drinks and when the City attorney went by to talk to my mother, he was incoherent and couldn't walk or sit up so she called an ambulance and sent him to the hospital. He had mixed alcohol with heart and blood pressure meds, not a good combo. Now he's screaming to "get out of this place". I think it's because "this place" wont allow him to drink and they make him eat vegetables!, but mostly it's because he doesn't want to turn over his social security/retirement pension.

Right now, there just isn't enough CALGON to take away all the stress!

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