Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things are finally looking UP!

Well, after months of struggles, maybe sometimes soon things will become "normal" again. MAYBE. The pessimist in me is struggling with my ability to see something possitive, yet.

My K-girl has gotten a job, so she has her own spending funds.

My mother has finally found an apratment with in her budget and one which will meet her needs. She still has paperwork to complete in the morning, but, it "appears" to be going in a positive direction and yes, I am holding my breath, per say.

My son, T-man, is still having issues in the "all boy" classroom. It's kinda hard for a kid, who being the smallest in his classroom, all the bigger, older, kids just have to bully. But, he's trying to hang in with it, even though he HATES it. But, we'll take it, one day at a time.

I am starting a new project soon, I have decided to re-furnish some old furniture I had in my storage shed. One piece is an old wardrobe cabinet made from cedar and I have been waiting along time to convert this to an entertainment center. So, I have decided that this weekend, I will make the 2 bottom drawers and place the insert for the center console area. I have been looking for some recessing hinges, and I finally found the type I wanted. I am going to recess the doors on the exterior so that the TV will be visible from around the room. Also, I will be placing some additional shelving so that it will accomodate a dvd player and satellite box. Once I have completed the redo, this will be taken to my mother's apartment for her use. This cabinet was originally her mother's wardrobe cabinet and over the years, my brother and sister in Florida had tried like ever to get it from her. They had moved her several times since my father's death and each time, I went to their home and retrieved her cabinet. Since the City decided to condemn her home, I asked her to let me redo this cabinet so she would have a nice piece of furniture for use in her new apartment. (I really 'love' doing this kinda thing anyway) I have also been shopping around the thrift stores lately looking for some old pieces to redo for her bedroom furniture and such. I have an old desk I had redone years ago and I have been looking for another one or two more. I really enjoy redoing older furniture. Sometimes it's absolutely amazing what you discover under layers of paint!

Well, I'm off for now. Another projects awaits at home.

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