Friday, August 7, 2009


My brother arrived on Sunday...

He had a stroke in June. His doctor wasn't concerned about the loss of vision, or the tingling sensations in his right arm and hand, or his inability to completely pick up his right foot. She said that those were the things he'd have to "learn to live with". She said "your able to return to work"..."you don't require physical theraphy"...more or less, she's the suck it up and deal kinda personality.

So, with assistance from my sisters, we brought him home...home to doctor's who would tell him how much damage he's body has suffered, and hopefully, doctor's who would prescribe physical theraphy or whatever else his body needs to recover.

My eye doctor was more than happy to examine him. His eyes are damaged, the stroke was pretty bad. Surgical intervention is not an option, physical theraphy and glasses are an option.

The cardiologist appointment is next Tuesday. Good news would be wonderful, physical theraphy options would be a blessing! So, now we will have to just wait and pray for the best.

At least he's got a great take on his health. He's making changes, doing things differently, learning to sacrifice bad habits for good habits. He's slowing down, enjoying things, and has decided that there are things he has always wanted to do but never took the time, now is the time.

His family will arrive next weekend, to take him home. I am going to miss him then, but for now, I will spend all the time I can with him.

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