Friday, October 24, 2008

TGIF....can't wait for the weekend.

Well, it's Friday! Thank God.

K-girl managed to make it home for her b-day (mostly to gather loot!). Her dad did a wonderful job of buying her present this year! She managed to get a flat screen tv! for her dorm room. It's only a 19", but then "how much tv" is required in a 6.5 x 10' dorm room? At least it's HD with the digital tuner and will also connect to her laptop for DVD viewing!

The J-man (that's her guy) gave her some very nice perfume. She loved it! Even brought it home for me to smell (how sweet is that?).

Then the bub (T-man) is awaiting his most prized "jacket" arrival. He found this jacket last year, Browning 506 Carpenter's jacket, which he absolutely loves, and unfortunately, has decided he "can't live without". Problem is, he outgrew it! Of course, he swears that his grandmother "purposely shrunk it" when she washed it last week for him. So, I went back to the store where he found it and needless to say, they no longer carry it! So, off to the 'trusty internet I go' to find it. Searched the Browning home page, and of all the 'vendors' I found only ONE who had it in inventory any longer! So, I ordered it! Hopefully it will arrive on schedule today!!!

Course, then that brings me to the weekend. And since I still have not mustered the 'strength' to tackle things around the house lately, I will do it this weekend! I have got to get back into the swing of things soon! My house looks like a pack of wild monkeys went crazy and threw crap EVERYWHERE! I'm beginning to wonder it I will ever be able to get things back into order any more! Some days I look at it and wish I could just 'close a door', I swear!

until next time....

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