Thursday, July 3, 2008

Preparing for the 4th of July....

Well, getting in the last day of work! Man, what a glorious feeling! An extra day off, can't wait!

The hubby and I have a lot of things to do this weekend, cause we have finally managed to get a few days off from work, at the same time.

See, about 3 months ago, everyone in my house decided to play "musical rooms"! My daughter moved from her room (upstairs) to the guest room (upstairs), my son moved from his room (downstairs) to his sister's abandoned room (upstairs), my husband moved from the master bedroom (upstairs) to the son's abandoned room (downstairs), and I have been the only one to manage staying PUT!

Now, when I say the hubby moved from the master bedroom, I mean, he sleeps in the room downstairs during the day, when he works nightshift. Why, you might ask, because the old house we live in will 'heat up' during the daytime hours, and the little room downstairs gets very little sunlight and stays relatively cold during the daytime hours. Also, the master bedroom over looks the highway and is very noisy during the day (from heavy traffic) and the 1st floor room is on the opposite side of the house and is quite during the day!

Plus, this room is also what I have termed "the hunting room". This room contains one wall of locking gun cabinets, which we will be installing this weekend. Along with all the other 'essentials' required for the sport (i.e., camo clothing, boots, lighting, etc). All these things are currently located upstairs in the 'sitting room' of the master suite. So, I finally get to move these things out of this area and back to a location where I can lock them away, out of site!!

And this long weekend affords me the time, and available muscles, to accomplish putting the final touches on reclaiming my house and putting things in order. Not to mention the 'spring' cleaning which is long overdue! So, along with the 4th of July celebration, comes the 'cleaning out' finally. I will be glad to accomplish this so that I can turn my attention to some very much needed repainting/window cleaning/window caulking/renovations.

So, I hope everyone has a great, joyous, holiday weekend. And please don't forget to THANK A SOLDIER when you see them out this weekend. After all, they lay their lives on the line so that we, as Americans, can enjoy the simple pleasures of our daily lives!

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