Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On the brighter side of life...or is it?

Someday's are filled with anticipation, most days are filled with dread.

Like, telling my 11 year old, cat-loving, son that in one single, rushed-filled morning, I managed to carry off, not one, but both of his beloved, flea-loving kittens! In my hast (or rather, in my defense), I forgot to check underneath my truck (yep, that's right, I drive a truck!) and apparently the flea-loving kittens had decided to catch a ride! Now what! How can I possibly tell him what I have done? Maybe, just maybe, I can convience him that they left of their on volution! (After all, didn't they?)

I know, just time to face the music, right? Oh God, I hate this part of motherhood!

My daughter has graduated high school (May 24th) and preparing for her freshman year in college, or junior college, that is...cause her daddy is not the least bit happy about letting his "little princess" leave! (Irony, sometimes it's just so, so wonderful!)

When Andy and I first began the "courtship" which eventually became our marriage, he decided that I really needed to "grow up and get away from being (what he 'thought') a daddy's girl".

I was 18, just a few weeks from graduating high school, and hadn't decided what I really wanted to do with my life. We met through my brother-in-law (they worked together) at a little watering hole across the Mississippi River just inside Louisiana. At the time, this little watering hole was also the "local" teenager/young crowd hang-out, known as PJ's Last Chance. PJ's was where everyone went on a Friday/Saturday night and was probably in the prime of it's life! The place consisted of what had one-time, long ago, been just a small package liquor store, then expanded to include a bar and a few pool tables. Then expanded again for additional pool tables, and yet again for additional pool tables, bar and stage/live band area. Anyhoo...

Kristen will be leaving home in a few weeks to being her "new" life, sans mom, dad, and "Bubba" as she so affectionately refers to her brother. She's always been a daddy's girl, her entire life, (and somehow I think all girls are to some point) and now she's all grown up and leaving home. This has really put her daddy into a 'state', to say the least. I find it somewhat, really very amusing!

Oh yea, without a doubt, I am very anxious, not to mention, maybe a little excited for her! At the same time, scared to death! Here in the real world (God she hates it when I use that term), life is very unpredictable. People are not always what they appear to be, and life can get the best of anyone. So, I'm trying to swallow all the fear, keep it all under the surface, and put on the happy face. As much as I fear for her safety, I really know it's time for her to take the next step to adulthood! That's where the excited part come in!!

Her first step, so far, has been coming home to 'announce' her decision to "pierce" her nose! This is a child who has endured 4 major sinus surgeries! Her first at age 2, second at age 5, third at age 11, and 4th at age 18 (just 5 days before Christmas!). Each one more intense than the one before, each one more painful. The last surgery, the doctor tells us that upon removing her tonsils he finds "tumorous" growths, nothing to really be alarmed about. Byopsy results were inconclusive for cancers, so not to worry. (Yea, right!:) Have you ever known a parent who wouldn't worry, just a little! Then he says: "Her sinus passages contained numerous polups and therfore, I have removed the lower tubador's and performed an aggresive burn-back of the sinus passages, almost down to the cartiledge". Now she returns on a six month rotation for him to check her progress.

Now, now she wants to 'pierce' her sinus'! Go figure...

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