Friday, April 3, 2009

The New Me....

I quit smoking. Cold turkey. A pack a day.

State tax increases moved prices upward toward $6.00 per pack.

$6.00 per day to smoke. Who needs this crap!

So, now I put $6.00 each morning in a cookie jar on my countertop.

Within the next year, I'll be able to:

remodel my kitchen
take my children to DW for va-cay
buy new clothes

possibilities are endless....looking forward to the new me!

(instead of stuffing my face with food, whenever I feel the urge to smoke or eat, I clean something. Nothing to clean, then I make a mess and clean it!)

Time to take my life back, and get down to enjoying some things before it's gone!

Maybe dealing with my aging mother these past few months, I have finally accepted
that I am not getting younger, just older.

My mother is now in a full time care facility, some call it a nursing home, she refers to it as the prison ward.

Her roommate is her cell mate, the other patients, inmates.

Her health has declined, she requires dialysis 3 times a week, suffers congestive heart failure, what else could I do? Her live-in daughter wasn't taking care of her, feeding her, cleaning the home, etc. I love her too much to let her life end that way.

I did what needed to be done, for her. Maybe one day she will see that, I hope.

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The Incredible Woody said...

Oh, poor you! Yes, you made the right decision in a very hard situation.

I love the thought of what that $6 can do!

I was visiting in New Albany - NE near Tupelo.